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Top 10 Questions Asked In Tally Interview

tally interview

Today, Tally Is One Of The Most Commonly Utilized Accounting Software Globally, Having More Than 20 Lakh Companies Utilizing It In More Than 100 Nations. It Enables Keeping Track Of Every Day Operations By Businesses And Analyzing Business-Related Data.

1. Explain Tally And Its Applications?

1) Performing Basic Management Of Inventory Accounting Duties
2) The Cost Of Jobs And Other Unexpected Costs.
3) Payroll Management Of Staff In Offices.
4) The Submission Of Returns For Taxes, The Generation Of Balance Sheets, The Balance Sheet Trial, The Statement Of Profits And Losses, The GST, The Flow Of Funds Statement, Etc.
5) Enabling The Creation And Adjustment Of The Budget.
6) Interest On Outstanding Marks Is Determined.
7) Arranging And Synchronizing Data Throughout Multiple Locations.

2What Is A Group In Tally ERP 9?

The Grouping Of Ledgers Overall The Group Is The Same Is Personality. Operating Costs Like Phone, Authority, Or Transport Bills Usually Belong Together In A Single Company. This Can Be Done To Create A Ledger Based On These Expenses And Then Utilize This For Keeping Accounting Vouchers. In Tally ERP 9, By Default, There Are 28 Groups: 13 Subgroups And 15 Primary Groups.

3. What Are The Features Integrated Into Tally ERP 9?

1) Email Option: Reports Can Be Emailed To Multiple People Simultaneously.
2) Accounting Voucher: Each Voucher Has A Unique Id, Which Additionally Ensures That The Digits Remain Sequential.
3) Bank Transaction Details Printing: Provides A Choice To Print Bank Transaction Details.
4) Credit Limits: The Sales Order Will Not Be Subjected To The Dealer’s Credit Limit Oversight. The User Can Store The Voucher, Yet An Alert Concerning The Credit Limit Will Be Issued.
5) GST The Invoice’s GST Form Data Is Saved In The Simplest Form Then Is Printed.
6) Manufacturers’ Excise: The Voucher Provides Data Pertaining To Clients And Vendors, Which Includes Daily Management Of Stock According To Date, Groups, And Tariff.
7) Payroll: Tally Erp 9 Provides It Possible To Split Wages, According To The National Pension Scheme.
8) Tax Audit: Updated With A Form That Includes 3cb, 3cd, And 3ca To Comply With Cbdt.
9) Xbrl Requirements: Restricted To Particular Organizations Or Sent To A Reduced Form Because Of Its Nature.
10) The TDS Facilities Are The Most Recent Addition To The Entire Spectrum Of TDS-Related Processes, Comprising The Setting Up Of A Digital Record And The Creation Of A TDS Accountability In Addition To Releasing Them.
11) The TDS Function Of This Software Has Been Entirely Redesigned With The Incorporation Of New Abilities In Its Most Current Issue.
12) The Other Option Choice We Use Is To Generate The TDS Liability On An Ongoing Schedule.
As Both Payments Or Non-Payments Are Documented In The Same Ledger, We Do Not Need To Keep Different Ledgers For Every Kind Of Tax Transaction Associated With TDS.

4) Mention The Types Of Ledger That Can Be Made In Tally ERP 9?
These Are The Numerous Ledger Types That Can Be Generated By Tally ERP9:

1) Making A Ledger Of Sales And Purchases.
2) Making A Ledger For Both Revenue And Expenditure.
3) Making A Ledger With Clients.
4) Developing An Account In A Bank.
5) Maintaining A Ledger Regarding Taxation.
6) Increasing Duties To The Future.

5) Mention The Types Of Vouchers? Give The Shortcut For Creating These Vouchers?

1) Contra Voucher – (F4): It Indicates A Transfer Of Funds From A Single Bank Account To A Different One, Or From 1 Cash Account To A Different One, Or To Another Bank Account Which Is Held In A Different Bank.

2) Payment Voucher (F5): This Form Contains Every One Of Previous Payments Made To Each Account, Covering Rent, Salary, And Additional Payments.

3) Received Voucher (F6): It Describes The Transactions Related To The Funds That Were Received.

4) Journal Voucher (F7): It Keeps An Eye On The Costs Spent In Order To Maintain An Organization Running.

5) Sales/Invoice Voucher (F8): This Voucher Displays The Sale Invoice & Specifies The Sales That Had Been Made.

6) Credit Note Voucher (Ctrl+F8): Buyers May Submit This Voucher By Returning Products That Have Been Improperly Dispensed.

7) Purchase Voucher (F9): A Voucher Issued For Items Like Raw Materials Which Are Purchased To Operate The Firm.

8) Debit Note Voucher (Ctrl+F9): Using This Voucher To Keep Records Of Goods That Have Been Returned To Suppliers Since They’ve Been Damaged.

9) Reversing Journals: F10: After The Issue Date, This Specific Entry Is Immediately Reversed.

10) Ctrl+F10 Memo Voucher: This Voucher Records An Unknown Expense At An Appropriate Location Which Can Be Eliminated Or Turned Into The Actual Sale Voucher

6) Explain What Trial Balance Is And How You Check Trial Balance In Tally ERP9?

A Trial Balance Basically Summarizes All Ledger Balances And Confirms Whether The Figures Are Correct And Balanced.  Checking The Truthfulness For Journal Entries Documented To The General Ledger Is A Particular Way For Doing This. In A Trial Balance, The Total Of All Credit Balances Along With All Debt Balances Should Equal Each Other.

7) Name The Functional Enhancement Included In Tally ERP 9.

Accounting Voucher: The Presentable Item Includes A New Type Of Numbering Operation Added To It That Guarantees The Numbers Go Systematically.

Vat Option: Users May Set The “Default Accounting Allocations For Selected Item In Invoice” Setting To Record Numerous Items That Utilize Distinct Vat Rates.

Payroll: Tally Erp 9 Enables The Distribution Of Wages In Line With The National Pension Program.

Credit Limits: On The Sales Order, The Credit Limit Control Position For A Party Ledger Will Not Be Functional. The Credit Limit Will Be Displayed As An Alert Notice, But The User Can Still Save The Offer.

CST: The CST Form Data Entered In The Invoice Is Going To Be Printed, Even In A Way That Is Understandable.

Emailing Option: Customers Can Email Accounting Reports To A Number Of Recipients In Addition To Additional Functions Like Printing In A Different Format And Accessing Net Banking.

Inventory The Vouchers: You Can Now Print The Name And Check The Godown Address For The Inventory Section.

8) What Is The Main Purpose Of A Statement Of Inventory In Tally?

A Tally Statement Of Inventory’s Main Purpose Is To Show Data On Stocks Based On Godowns. It Manages Inventory, Tracks Item Data, And Verifies Variations In Budgets According To Plans, Forecasts, Statistics, And Additional Information. In Addition, Reports Like Tally Accounting Reports May Be Shown, Modified, And Printed Using It.

9) What Do You Understand From A Bank Reconciliation Statement?

A Bank Reconciliation Statement Checks An Entity’s Bank Account And Its Financial Records, Documenting Banking And Business Transactions. When There’s A Disparity In The Passbook Balance With The Cash Book Balance, A Statement Is Produced. In Addition, It Validates That The Cash Received Was Actually Sent Into A Bank Account And That Payments Have Been Finished.

10) How Can Data Be Encrypted In Tally ERP 9?

In Tally ERP 9, You Can Encrypt Data Utilizing The Tally Vault Functionality. To Access Tally Vault, Input The F3 Login At The Tally Gateway, Then Select The Company To Encrypt Your Information. This Encrypted Data Must Be Viewed With An Operational Password.

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