Corel Draw Course

Corel Draw instructional class is a realistic based application broadly utilized for logo designing, brochure, pamphlet, product box pack, designing a visiting card designing and for various advertisements related to graphic designing. Corel draw is highly appreciated attributable to its ease of use which is much better than illustrator in Indian market. Corel Draw training courses accurately give a similar opportunity for architects and interior designers in the context of increasing the prevailing pool of talent.


  • You can create multifaceted drawings with several layers and details.
  • Students who finish the course effectively gets 100% Job Placement in one of the finest design studios and companies¬† in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and other parts of India where graphic design job opportunities are available
  • With the help of the tools, you can add a great degree of dimensional effect and richness to your drawings.
  • It helps you to craft company logos for their clients.
  • The best part of graphic design is student can make their career easily in freelancing opportunities through internet and make profit in their extra time.
  • At the point when students are prepared appropriately we give them live projects and in house activities to make them professional.
  • CorelDraw is a 2D Vector based lay-outing application as we know already. In India, it is the backbone of DTP or Desktop Publishing and graphic design industry.


  • Logo maker
  • Illustration making
  • Book designer
  • Magazine designer
  • Stationary Designing
  • New paper Designing
  • Designing of calendar