How To Effectively Use Tally for Bookkeeping And Accounting

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How To Effectively Use Tally for Bookkeeping And Accounting


Once You Have Set Up Tally, All You Need To Do Is: Download, Install, Turn On, And Start Making Purchases On It. It’s As Basic As That. For Modification Of The Tally Software Or Connection With Other Standard Business Applications, You Would Require The Help Of A Professional Tally Developer. ERP9 Solution Maker

Here Are The All New Tally Prime Key Features List That Can Enhance Business Performance:

1.Inventory Management:

inventory management

Tally Prime’s New Improvements Make It One Of The Most Mobile Inventory Accounting Systems. Tally Prime’s Inventory Management Features Like Godown Accounting, Multiple Stock Valuations, Manufactures, Batch, And Expiry Dates, Job Costing, And Inventory Reports Make It Efficient For Businesses.

2. Invoicing & Accounting:

The Features Of Tally Prime Make Developing And Saving Invoices A Simple Task. Tally Prime Adapts To Your Company With Optimised Invoice Components, Customization Hosts, Numerous Accounting Modes, And Other Features. Tally Prime Benefits From An Easy And Successful Accounting System Because Of Its Extensive Feature Set.

3. Insightful Business Reports:

Tally Prime Offers 400+ Business Reports That Are Easily Searchable And Provide Powerful Data To Businesses For Making More Effective Decisions. Tally Prime’s Amazing Capacity Allows You To Segment And Dice Your Reports As You Want And Study Them In The Way That Best Suits Your Business.

4. GST/Taxation:

GST & tax

In Just A Few Seconds, With Tally Prime Information, The User Can Create GST-Compliant Invoices Such As Tax Bills, Bills Of Supply, Etc. And Always File Accurate GST Returns. Advantageous, But There’s More. You Can Generate E-Invoices In Tally Prime And Print Them With IR And QR Codes In A Matter Of Seconds. You Can Also Handle TDS, TCS, And Payroll Statutory Items Like PF, ESI, And Employee Income Tax With The Improvements Of Tally Prime.

5. Credit-And-Cash-Flow-Management:

Tally Prime Helps You Improve Cash Flows By Optimising Savings In Accounts Receivable, Payments Payable, Inventories, And Various Other Aspects Of A Company.

6. Multi-Task Capabilities:

Tally Prime Supports Multi-Tasking And Helps You Cope With Day-To-Day Breaks. Presently, We Are In The Final Stages Of The Sales Payment But Want To Record Yet Another New Sale. Or Are You In The Middle Of Making A Payment Entry But Want To Refer To The Incomplete Report Before Proceeding? Using Tally Prime, On The Other Hand, You Will Be Able To Cope With Many Such Circumstances Without The Hassle Of Switching Between Different Versions Of Tally Or The Worry Of Ruining Your Progress.

7. Go To Feature:

Using Tally Prime, Finding Information Just Got Effortless. This Is Made Practical With Tally Prime’s New And Effective Search Bar Called “Go To”. Using Go To, Your Company Can Search And Find The Things You Didn’t Know Tally Could Do For You And Pick Up New Details To Run Your Workplace Better.

8. Banking:

Tally Prime Is A Programme That Comes With A Broad List Of Banking Features And Services That Help You Control All Your Banking Needs Easily. Using Tally Prime’s Banking Characteristics, Like As Auto Bank Reconciliation, Pre-Delineated Check Formats, Check Administration, E-Payments, Etc., Makes Banking An Easy Goal.

9. Secure Data:

secure data

We Recognise The Value Of Your Business Data And Promise That You Will Always Have Ownership Of It. We Understand That Your Business Data Is A Critical Asset, And We Are Committed To Ensuring Its Security And Confidentiality. Additionally, We Guarantee That Your Data Will Never Be Shared With Third Parties Without Your Explicit Consent.

How To Tally Working With Company:

Tally Prime Gives You Options That Will Improve The Way You Control All Parts Of Your Business, Like Accounting, Sales And Purchases, Inventory, Manufacturing, Taxation, Payroll, Mis Reporting, And A Lot More. With Tally Prime, You Can Streamline Your Business Operations And Make Informed Decisions Based On Accurate Data. Its User-Friendly Interface And Robust Features Make It An Essential Tool For Managing Your Finances, Optimizing Inventory Levels, And Ensuring Compliance With Tax Regulations.

1. Create Company:

When You Get Started With Tally Prime, You Need To First Create Your Company To Keep A History Of All Your Day-To-Day Business Transactions. To Create The Company, You Need The Company Name And Accounting Year Information. You Can Enter All Other Details, Such As Contact Information And Safety, While Growing The Company Or At Any Moment Later.

2.Edit Log:

In Order To Stay Active In Your Business Anytime, Anywhere—When You Are On Vacation Or Meeting Your Customers At A Location Away From Your Office—You Will Require Access To Your Company Data. Using Tally Prime, You Can Join Your Company And Use The Data Without Being Personally Present In Your Office. That Means You Can View The Standard Transactions, Pass New Transactions, And View All Your Reports By Using The Remote Access Feature In Tally Prime.

4.Group Company:

When You Have More Than One Business And They Are Keeping The Details Of Their Unique Businesses In Tally Prime And You Need To Review The Performance Of All Your Businesses, You Can Set Up A Group Company To Successfully Compare The Results. Thus, It Becomes Easier To Measure The Health Of Your Business Between Organizations. The Collected Data From A Group Company Proves To Be Most Useful At The End Of The Accounting Year, Where You Can Get A Picture Of The Overall Income, Profit, And So On.


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